Social Analytics for the restaurant industry

DigitalCoCo’s Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) has become the go-to source for social consumer data and brand intelligence in the restaurant & hospitality industry. Want to know how your social media presence stacks up against other restaurant & hospitality brands? Powered by third-party tracking systems such as Klout, along with proprietary systems like DigitalCoCo’s Social Insights, the RSMI measures your social influence each quarter, including a location-based action component, which allows us to measure your brand’s Social ROI, from granular to global levels.

Quarterly Reporting Available Soon

With over five years of reporting and analytics the RSMI is delivering the most comprehensive social restaurant data for brands and operators. Each quarter the RSMI provides a full report on engagement, influence, sentiment, mobile and location with segment comparisons and full ranking and performance measurements for the the 250 restaurant operations.