Social Brand Awards


There's a new awards ceremony in town. We call it the RIZMYs, or RIZMY Awards if you want to get formal about it. Powered by the RSMI, the RIZMYs showcase the best social and digital brands in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. Think of it as the Emmys of the foodservice industry.

The first annual RIZMYs will be presented at the Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit (FDMS), in conjunction to FSTEC NexGen, in Phoenix on September 24th. 

Restaurants from all segments of the industry - from fast food to fine dining - have been considered for each of the eight awards. There will be a winner and two runners up for each. 

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Overall Brand of the Year
This is the ultimate in the top restaurant brands with the best overall score over the past 12 months.


Most Loved Brand of the Year
This represents the top brands that are most loved by their guests and brand advocates for 2013.


Mobile Brand of the Year
Mobile Engagement is key with every business and the RSMI tracks more mobile restaurant engagements than any system out there. This award will be presented to the best engaged brand of the year on mobile social transactions.


Most Influential Brand of the Year
We are presenting the first industry-wide RSMI 2013 Brands of the Year with the RIZMY Awards.


Location-Based Brand of the Year
Location-Based Actions are the true ROI to every brand executive, and with the RSMI platform VenueTrak system, we look at the best brands of the year in Location-Based Action performance.


Digital Executive of the Year
The new era of digital C-level execs are the key to building the brands of the future. This award is an opinion award from our panel of digital marketing experts and advisors to recognize the most advanced executive of the year in digital brand building.


Digital Innovator of the Year
Digital Innovators come from all walks of life in the restaurant business and this year we focus on the top innovators that are making the most difference in their organization.


Social Chef of the Year
Chefs are becoming the new digital rockstars in social and digital brand development. We utilize our proprietary RSMI City Rankings to seek out the innovative chefs on social media with the highest consumer rating score as our Social Chef of the Year. 

Submit your brand into the RSMI to ensure you are considered for a RIZMY!  

Submit your brand into the RSMI to ensure you are considered for a RIZMY!