About RSMI

Developer and creator of the RSMI, DigitalCoCo - a digital agency that builds restaurant brands through social media, apps, and other digital initiatives - was focused on creating a trusted source for return on investment for social media in restaurant & hospitality. The RSMI has become the go-to resource for the latest brand information on social media analytics for the restaurant business with a three year track record developing the most comprehensive analysis of social restaurant consumers in the industry.

Analyzing restaurant brands’ social footprints and generating predictive analyses, the RSMI also looks into engagement credentials that drive the growth of social media in platforms like Facebook, Foursquare, Google+ and YouTube. We dive deep, not only into brand actions, but also the interaction in brand content quality, consumer engagement, consumer influence, and overall reach of the brand.

The RSMI is built on an advanced algorithm that serves up several third-party result indexes and then applies the DigitalCoCo Social Insights algorithm into the mix. This allows for a way to identify top brands within the metric. It also levels the playing field for emerging restaurants, as the Index does not simply tally numbers of followers or fans. The RSMI is built on an entirely new methodology that is surrounded by several trusted data sources that drive the social web.

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