Search and social media are the solution, not the problem

A recent Pew Center study reveals some interesting trends in the way people feel about local news and where they get it.

The study, "How People Learn about their Local Community," was conducted by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. It broke local news and information down into 16 categories of information, including such things as weather, traffic, breaking news, politics, crime, local business, restaurants and entertainment, and so on.

The study found that people under 40 get most of their news and information from the Internet, which the study defines as search engines, specialty-topic websites, and social networking sites. People who said they use a newspaper's website were counted as "newspaper" readers.

People over 40 rely on newspapers, according to the study. The study further reports that newspaper readers prefer the print newspaper to the newspaper's website.

What really resonates, however, is that a majority of respondents (69 percent) said they felt their access to information would not be diminished if there were no local newspapers.

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