Virtual food

With the emerging popularity of social media marketing and at least 29,700,000 Internet users (as of June 2009) in the Philippines, it’s a no-brainer for even food retailers to turn to virtual shops rather than actual stores.

Aside from large restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Jollibee and Chowking who offer online deliveries, small entrepreneurs are also opting to use the internet as a venue for their business without actually having a physical storefront.

“Having an online shop is a good option for a start-up venture where the risks are much less than having a physical store where basically the overhead is much higher. Even before opening a physical pastry shop, a virtual shop is also beneficial in trying out several product lines and seeing if it will work out before launching it to the mainstream market,” Jet Torres, owner of Jettee’s Kitchen, told BusinessWorld in an e-mail interview.

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