Social media clicks with local businesses

Don’t be surprised if your favorite coffee shop or clothing store goes viral.

Fond du Lac businesses are using pictures, videos and web updates to interact with their customers and attract new clients. Social media acts as a digital soapbox for enterprises to spread the word about what they have to offer.

A&E Jewelers, 131 S. Rolling Meadows Drive, posts photos, events and product information on its Facebook profile, and most recently used the site to advertise a job fair. Fond du Lac Store Manager Jennifer Schmidt said customers have mentioned Facebook when they stop in the store, and fans participate when the business posts polls or fun holiday-centric questions, such as “What’s your favorite candy” around Valentine’s Day.

When A&E Jewelers launched its Facebook page in 2009, it received few hits, said Quintin Meyer, who oversees a number of operations, including the company’s social media presence. To drive traffic to the site, employees started telling customers about it in the stores. Schmidt said A&E Jewelers also updated its website, making it more accessible and adding better graphics, including a prominent box referring viewers to the Facebook page.

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