New Liability Risks Connected to Social Medial Revolution

Social networking Internet sites present their users with a vast array of personal and business opportunities, but these opportunities are accompanied by new risks.

As of September, the number of Internet users topped 2 billion and the explosion over the last 20 years has revolutionized communications with the use of social networking sites and blogs.

In fact, Internet users now spend a majority of their time on social networking sites. As of last year, Facebook passed Google as the most visited site on the Internet. 

It is essential that individuals and businesses, as well as their insurers, be aware of the significant—and yet to be fully explored—legal issues created by use of this media tool.

Information posted on social networking sites instantaneously get transmitted—reaching consumers and competitors—vastly increasing the exposure to liability for claims of false advertising, unfair consumer commercial practices, defamation, and patent, copyright and trademark infringement, to name a few.

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