Small Biz Has Little Love for Groupon

As Groupon shops around its company to investors, it’s not exactly winning hearts and minds of small businesses, with 70 percent claiming to "hate" the service, according to a new survey from iContact.

Out of the five social-media biggies reviewed in iContact's “Social Media for Business: Love It, Hate It,” Groupon was the most disliked in every category. In fact, 70 percent of small businesses were more inclined to hate Groupon. To clarify, the rankings were based on a 12-point scale that ranged from love to hate, so “hate” doesn’t necessarily mean loathe or detest, but it certainly means that the feeling is negative.

What do they mean by hating the company? It means “I don’t enjoy the conversations. It’s a chore, not a pleasure,” are the type of comments that sum it up.