Restaurant owner uses social media for input before big expansion

For restaurant owner Kevin Novellino, the perfect recipe for running a business includes fresh tomatoes, a dash of basil and a pinch of social media.

Novellino, a former Bay City Commissioner, recently took his well-known Midland Street pizza place to the next level — opening an Italian eatery with the existing Brooklyn Boyz name at 507 E. Midland, and creating BB’z New York Deli at the original Brooklyn Boyz location, 612 E. Midland.

During the past three years, Brooklyn Boyz experienced strong growth, Novellino said, but the thing that most inspired the expansion was feedback from customers by way of Facebook and Twitter.

“We asked people how we could get better, and the No. 1 thing they told us was to increase our size,” he said.

Now, the new Brooklyn Boyz location is twice the size of the original one, and Novellino has upped his staff from 11 people to 20.

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