Disney Reads Social Media Initiative, Big Deals On Big Macs, Justin Bieber’s Latest Video

Disney has debuted a new social media initiative called Disney Reads (spanning Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We love that they’re posting sweepstakes, contests, quizzes, and other exclusive content, but we’re a little perplexed at their choice of doing so via social media, particularly when kids under 13 aren’t allowed on Facebook and their parents worry about them spending time on Twitter and YouTube. In other Disney news, it’s also launched an app for young readers called “The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story” and narrated by the Marvel character creator himself, Stan Lee. The app includes the story, music, and games that follow Peter Parker’s transition from average teen to super hero) (Kidscreen) (BusinessWire)

We’re big fans of restaurant offers on deal sites (but we never expected to see a deal for McDonald’s pop up on LivingSocial. It’s offering a voucher booklet with coupons for five Big Macs and five large fries, with the total coming to a very economical $13. No wonder more than 150,000 people have opted in. The big question remaining: will other fast food restaurants follow suit and offer promotions on deal sites?)

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