Restaurant Industry Serves Up Mobile Offers

The holiday shopping season has underscored how retailers are increasingly embracing mobile platforms to lure customers and boost sales. A new report from mobile marketing and CRM provider Cellit highlights how restaurants have turned to mobile this year, as well as bringing in new customers and building business.

The findings are drawn from a study of 9,000 mobile campaigns on behalf of 125 clients in the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry during 2011. Most of the restaurants included in the study were franchisees of national chains or regional franchise groups.

Coupons were a key element of many mobile campaigns. Each restaurant surveyed used a mobile coupon at least once during the year. The average mobile subscriber list size was 791.

Cellit found the buy-one-get-one-free offer was the most effective approach, based on a survey of 796 people who opted into a national QSR mobile campaign. Nearly seven in 10 preferred a BOGO offer, compared to only 22% who wanted price discounts, and 6% opting for “free with purchase” promotions.

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