HOW TO: Build Your Brand on Tumblr

As Tumblr‘s reach continues to grow, more brands — particularly those in the fashion and media industries — are adding the blogging platform to their online marketing mixes.

But, you might wonder, is Tumblr right for me and my business? Who uses the platform, and how do I engage the users who are there? What can I expect to achieve?

Let’s take a look.

Is Tumblr Right for My Business?

Tumblr has two big advantages over other blogging platforms. First, it has built-in tagging and sharing capabilities that makes your content easily discoverable and spreadable among Tumblr’s existing community. Secondly, it’s quick and easy to set up.

Tumblr also has some considerable disadvantages. Those used to WordPress and custom-built websites might be disappointed to find that their Tumblr pages offer less flexibility in terms of formatting and features. As Mashable has pointed out previously, Tumblr themes can be enhanced with widgets and sidebars and the structure of the newsfeed can be altered, but it can’t be completely reworked to the extent that more full-featured blogging services such as WordPress can.

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