Restaurant Marketing: New Social Media Tools Revealed

Restaurant marketing is the new addition to the social media tools. OnFast, a marketing business company, recently extended their business to restaurant marketing. OnFast use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linedln for their marketing purposes. In addition to that, they have a really easy blogging system where visitors can easily search for restaurants. OnFast will automatically update the pages in all the social networks.

OnFast has a Social Coupon Tool that provides restaurants with the ability to offer discounts and promotional coupons to the customers. The restaurants do not charge anything for the coupons. The coupons are directly posted to the social networks and blogs and its possible to export them for email campaigning.

The company updates the daily deals directly to the restaurants website or facebook page with the help of their proprietary coupon page or facebook coupon app. Their main goal is to help the restaurants achieve the targets. For this purpose they have Campaign Planning Calendar so that the restaurants can easily schedule and plan marketing strategies.

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