IW500: Get Close To Customers Through Social Media

Best Buy and Kia Motors describe how they analyze sentiment and engage with consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

There's a social networking revolution underway and your organization should be taking part.

That's easy advice to offer, but just how do you filter out the irrelevant junk on Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs and get down to the brand- and product-relevant questions, comments, compliments and complaints? How do understand the prevailing buzz amid the noise?

This was the topic explored at this week's InformationWeek 500 event in Dana Point, CA, during a discussion entitled "Get Close To Customers Faster Through Social Networks and Sentiment Analysis." I shared my own observations on advances in text-analytics technology while panelists Jared Anderson of retail giant Best Buy and Torsten Buhrke of Kia Motors America described their real-world applications and achievements with these technologies.

The upshot was that there's a growing list of important applications and departments to be served. It's time for IT to back the deployments and help take capabilities enterprisewide.

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