Social media management systems strike effective balance

Having a social media management system has become a necessary tool for restaurant operators trying to sift through the vast and varied customer comments received on a daily basis. For chains of one to 1,001 locations, these systems are crucial to the monitoring of reputations across national, regional and local markets.

Speaking on a panel during the Foodservice Social Media Universe was Dean Schmit, project manager for ReviewAnalyst, Ric Pratte from Meltwater Group and Collin Holmes, founder of chatmeter.

Schmit started the session by calling out the one biggest enemy to social media: time. Not having enough time is a hindrance to successful social media strategies and also to the effective management of information – be it customer complaints, praises or just general conversations.

"Having all of this information and trying to manage it and monitor it individually … it has to be an efficient process," Schmit said.

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