First foodservice social media conference

From September 18-20, 2011 FohBoh and Network Alliance presented the first social media conference dedicated exclusively to the foodservice industry.  Foodservice Social Media Universe (FSMU) focused on best practices for social media in the restaurant industry.  The conference took place at The Hotel Kabuki in downtown San Francisco and benefited from the participation of keynote speakers like, Jeremiah Owyang, Nate DaPore, Michael Brito, Michael Atkinson, Kathleen Wood and informative panel sessions on important social media topics.

The Conference covered a lot of ground on how social media platforms have changed the way in how we communicate, relate, get involve and make purchase decisions.  This event was and eye opener for the food industry operators on how important social media has become, not just in the food industry but in a whole economy that is driven by light-speed connection and conversation.  Thanks to the participation of so many experts from the foodservice and social media industries, FSMU exceeded expectations on their main goals:

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