Restaurants and Social Media: What works and what doesn’t?

According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, Americans spend about 46 percent of their food dollar on food away from home. That means people are dining out more than ever.  This adds up to about $2,400 annually for the typical American household, and the Bay Area is not your typical demographic — I would assume people are spending much more than that.

Along with this surge, we have seen a steady growth in the websites that promote food culture and inform the dining public. This rapid expansion of social media platforms over the last three years has had everyone scrambling to develop an online presence and find their online and individual hospitality identity.

As the sites have expanded, the content and access to the dining public has increased.  Recently Google purchased the Zagat brand in an effort to move forward in the restaurant realm. Over the past several years, sites like OpenTable, Facebook and Twitter have developed a specialized restaurant presences for the dining public.

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