Six Ways Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Tabs to Generate Sales, Followers

For many small business owners, just enough staff to literally “man the store” poses a challenge in this economy. So when it comes to devoting more time to social media and furthering their brand on platforms like Facebook, entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed. 

But Facebook’s growing popularity and continued dominance in the social media world has business owners realizing a Facebook page can be more important than having their own company website. With this in mind, a new crop of businesses is cropping up to take care of the needs of entrepreneurs looking to expand their presence in the social realm. After all, it’s not just about marketing to the masses-- it’s about marketing to the right masses.

“Like with any marketing platform you take on - you wouldn’t throw a $10,000 ad on FOX TV or a $1 million ad and not expect to get anything. What are your goals?” asked social media strategist Kathryn Rose, owner of Kathryn Rose Consulting and author of six books on social media marketing, including The Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook for Business. “It’s not to amass thousands and thousands of fans ... what you want to do is get to the right fans and followers.”