Facebook Nearby is not a Foursquare killer yet

Photo Credit: gigaom.comFacebook’s upgrade to its Nearby mobile feature was framed as a Foursquare killer by some with its ability to provide local search, recommendations and information. But in trying out Nearby, Foursquare still comes out on top for me as a local search tool. That’s to be expected when you consider all the investments Foursquare has made in local but it shows how much Facebook needs to do to get competitive in local search. And this is not even considering comparisons to Yelp and Google, which are also strong local search tools.

This might be comforting for Foursquare but the location-based service doesn’t have Facebook’s reach and many people still don’t see it as a local search tool. Foursquare’s will have to work to stay ahead of Facebook and more importantly, turn people on to its local search and recommendation engine Explore. Read More