Entrepreneur's 2013 Franchise 500 List Shows Growth of Restaurant Brands

Credit: Entrepreneur.comIn its 34th Annual Franchise 500 Rankings, Entrepreneur's 2013 list is filled with high-ranking restaurant brands, proving that the industry is certainly not plateauing despite the economy. Overall, Subway comes in at No. 2, which also took the #11 spot on the Restaurant Social Media Index's Overall Top 250 Brands in Q3 2012. Denny's came in at No. 8 and McDonald's at No. 9 on the Franchise Rankings list. The brands placed at #48 and #7, respectively, on RSMI's Top 250. Pizza Hut (RSMI: #13), Jimmy John's (RSMI: #6), Dunkin' Donuts (RSMI: #27), Hardee's (RSMI: #90), and KFC (RSMI: #20) also all rounded out the Top 20 on Entreprenuer's 2013 list.

Congratulations to all of the RSMI restaurant brands who placed on both lists. 2013 will be an expansive year for the restaurant industry!

If you have yet to submit your restaurant brand into the RSMI and are interested, please visit http://www.rsmindex.com/your-index/.