Businesses Cozy Up To Social Media

We’ve all seen them: Business Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs that start strong, with posts every week, or every day, and then slowly fade away, leaving a post at the top of the page dated sometime in 2009.

For many companies, it’s hard to know what to do with social media. But then there are others that have found ways not just to keep up a consistent stream of posts, but to generate real conversation and — more importantly — turn the conversation into clients and sales.

Mark Carlson, senior vice president of Grafton staffing company The Suburban Group, said LinkedIn is a major part of what he does. When he’s trying to fill a position, he said he can spend hours clicking through pages on the site.

Different social media tools fill different purposes, Carlson said. While LinkedIn, with its professional profiles, is perfectly suited for corporate recruiting, Facebook provides the Suburban Group with a platform for showcasing job openings to a large audience. Carlson is also experimenting with posting job ads in video format on YouTube, he said.

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