Social Utility: A New Imperative For Social Content

Social media is fundamentally different from other marketing channels. Everyone recognizes that it is a conversation, a dialogue with current and future customers. Perhaps what is less recognized is that the process to create effective social content is also fundamentally different from other channels. For broadcast, print, and even we typically use the following process to create content:

1.    Understand – what motivates potential customers and how a brand is perceived

2.    Create – develop engaging content

3.    Push – deliver the content through the appropriate channel

The creation of effective social content, however, tends to follow a different process:

1.    Listen and Observe – how consumers are interacting with the category and specific products

2.    Connect – with customers through dialogue, content and experiences

3.    Amplify – expand and grow this connection

While this approach is effective for creating content within a single social media campaign, there are other, higher level, strategic imperatives for creating a successful end-to-end social media offering. One of these imperatives is that because “social” is an “always-on” channel, marketers need to have social content always available when and where consumers require it.

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