Should your restaurant be doing social media?

As a restaurant owner, connecting with your customers is critical to staying top-of-mind with them and to keep the relationships strong. Is social media the best way to do this, and how much should you be investing?

Major chain restaurants have been increasing their spending on social media, allocating bigger teams to work the channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and FourSquare) and investing in apps and new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Sure that makes sense for restaurants with hundreds of locations and million dollar budgets, but to the small, independent restaurant operator social media should be just one of the many tools in your promotional toolbox.

Why? Nearly half of consumers use a combination of search and social media to fuel their purchasing decisions, says a new study by comScore and search marketing specialist Group M Search. The report showed that a whopping 86 percent of consumers say search engines are very important in the decision process, while just one percent use social media alone. 

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