Pinning hopes on latest social media platform

Have you heard of Pinterest yet? If you follow social media trends, you should have come across a slew of articles about the really fast growing social platform. It's been gaining so much traction that it's even surpassed Google's much-hyped Google+ in growth rates. Just Google "Pinterest" and you will understand what the buzz is all about.

Pinterest is a new social platform that allows you to show, organise and share ("pin") images and links about stuff you like. Similar platforms have existed before _ Digg, StumbleUpon come to mind. But what makes Pinterest unique is that it both visualises and socialises your "pins" as a way to showcase things that you like and want to share. It's your own virtual bulletin board of things you like.

The Next Web blog has a very interesting take on why this has become such a big traffic driver and it reasons that the site's success is primarily driven by women users _ because women are inherently social and sharing. You would not be a very savvy marketer if you deny that fact.

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