SMCB to Recognize National Foursquare Day

In a day and age when social media is king,you have the ability to become Mayor of any restaurant in Buffalo. If you frequent it enough and 'check in' whenever you are there that is. When it comes to social media tools, Foursquare has become a favorite for people who like to go out to eat and drink. There is a large community of Foursquare rooters that thrives on letting others know exactly where they are at any given time, and who they are with. It's a sort of like being a member of a special 'smart app' club. If you are a Foursquare user and you have a favorite restaurant that you like to eat at, chances are that you know who the Mayor of that restaurant is. To some, that can be kinda creepy. To others it's just a social media guru's way of life. For me? I'm on Foursquare, but when I'm in an establishment it never occurs to me to 'check in'. 

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