Poll Results: What Readers Want from Twitter & Facebook

USA TODAY's Hotel Check-In last week polled readers about what they expect from their hotel's social media accounts, giving them five choices - and the results are in!

Based on the survey's 226 votes, it's clear what they don't particularly want from hotels' Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels: Local weather or traffic info.

That choice received a mere 2% of the votes.

The No. 1 choice: Finding local info

What the survey did reveal is that that readers are most eager to obtain valuable, hard-to-get local information when talking to a Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn or other hotel social media account.

That could be a new hot bar, a restaurant considered a hidden gem or an event being held in the vicinity.

A close second: Rants and raves

Readers are almost as likely to to use hotels' Twitter, Facebook accounts to "rant or rave about a hotel experience."

Responding to an inquiry via Twitter, traveler Marija Bekafigo told me via e-mail that her last Twitter correspondence with a hotel was to do just that.

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