“Popeyes® Mood Wing” App Rates Spicy-to-Mild Nature Of Social-Media Posts

Are you feeling Spicy or Mild? Tapping the iconic power of the mood ring, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen has launched a national promotion featuring a “ Mood Wing” app (yes, as in chicken wing) that reports a Spicy, Mild or Mixed rating of users’ Twitter or Facebook posts. When consumers learn their mood, they also receive a menu suggestion and related spicy, mild, or remixed song from specially curated Spotify ® playlists. Developed by Popeyes’ new digital agency Campbell Mithun, the digital effort runs through May to support the restaurant’s Spicy or Mild Bonafide ® bone-in Chicken promotion that offers an in-restaurant opportunity for customers to proclaim themselves Spicy or Mild.

“This element of the promotion offers a way for consumers to engage with the Popeyes brand in a fun and personalized way,” said Dick Lynch, chief global brand officer at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

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