Companies Fight Back Against Negative Comments Online

The next time you hop on an online review site and leave negative comments for a company, Tweet or Facebook about your disastrous dining experience, be warned: Businesses are starting to fight back, and sometimes not in a nice way!

For frequent diner Eric Winick, it all started soon after he left a mixed online review about a restaurant. He raved about the food, but with a fidgety two year old in tow, he was frustrated dinner took an hour to be served. “I had said in the review that they had taken a ridiculously long time to bring the food.” Soon a surprising email popped up in Eric’s inbox from the restaurant’s owner asking him to take the review down. “He said that something along the lines of ‘We’re trying to make a go of it in this area, we all have families to feed,’ and sort of trying to pray to my sympathies a little bit.”

We found more and more businesses across the country are reaching out to customers who leave bad reviews, and they’re not always trying to make amends. In an extreme case things got hot in the kitchen for an Atlanta restaurant earlier this year when it launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign identifying a customer who left a bad review and the food fight went viral. After the BBQ place posted a picture of the customer with some harsh words it eventually apologized.

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