Social media networks vital to attracting customers

Business social media networks continue to revolutionise corporate marketing strategy and over the next two years will be the second most effective tool for acquiring new customers, according to research amongst 2500 UK businesses conducted by Regus, the global workplace provider.

But the senior managers and business owners in the poll say that face-to-face networking is by far the best way of generating new business compared to all other on- and offline marketing techniques. Their views sound a warning to firms ploughing their marketing budget into sophisticated digital tools: don’t forget the personal touch.

Online advertising will retain its favoured standing within the marketing mix but significantly lags business social media. Looking at other important ways of finding new customers, public speaking at key events emerged as highly regarded and businesses believe that its importance will rise further over the next two years — again pointing to the renewed emphasis on face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects.

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