Top Chefs and Restaurateurs Talk Social Media and Food

Bayless, Andrés, Hernandez, Meyer discuss the power of media to communicate with fans

At the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen this past weekend, chefs José Andrés and Rick Bayless, Zagat director Bernardo Hernandez, and restaurateur Danny Meyer sat down to discuss the power of technology and media in the world of food.

When asked about the power of newspapers to convey a message, the group agreed that newspapers today play a small role. Newspapers are important to reach those who are not connected to social media, but chefs get many more comments from being mentioned on online news sources, like Hernandez polled the audience, asking who had cell phones and who read the local paper. As expected, the overwhelming majority had phones and did not read the paper. Although the diminishing power of newspapers is on everyone’s mind, he further proved the point that our means of communication are changing.