Burger Wars: Burger King Reigns on Facebook While McDonald’s is the Biggest Mac on Twitter

In-N-Out creates cult-like engagement while Chipotle doesn’t miss a tweet, according to new report from social media benchmarking platform Unmetric.

Over the past fifty years, fast food chains have redefined the American dining experience. In the age of social media, public scrutiny is at an all time high, and these restaurants have a new opportunity to connect with and understand the interaction between fans and fast food.

Unmetric, the leading social benchmarking company, has released its Fast Food Report, detailing the social media efforts of the top 16 fast food chains in 2012 to better understand the interaction between the top quick serve restaurants and their customers on social media. With this Fast Food Report, Unmetric identifies which chains are doing the best job at gaining new fans, keeping them updated, and carrying on conversations via social media.

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