Wendy’s marries mobile advertising, video in latest marketing push

Fast food giant Wendy’s is continuing to make mobile a big part of its marketing efforts with a new campaign that aims to increase in-store traffic and bolster brand awareness.

Wendy’s is running the campaign within Pandora’s iPhone application. In addition to mobile advertising, the company also has a branded radio station.

"It is not only smart for Wendy's to embrace mobile ads it is an imperative," said Cameron Yuill, founder of AdGent Digital.

"Mobile has the obvious benefit of targeting users in location," he said. "But very simply just prior to meal times when people are making decisions on a what they are eating much of the population is at work, commuting or out of home and away from their TV screens and other media.

"The one screen that we all have is mobile. A message or an offer that is targeted to a user at that decision moment is far more likely to drive traffic into a store than other media."

Mr. Yuill is not affiliated with Wendy's. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Wendy’s did not respond to press inquiries.

Fast food
Wendy’s is running mobile banner, expandable and audio ads within Pandora that promote its menu items and ingredients.

Consumers are encouraged to tap on the mobile ads to get a taste of the ingredients the fast food giant uses.

From there, users are taken to a mobile-optimized page where they can scroll through each screen and tap the icons to learn more about the way Wendy’s approaches fast food. Read More