Former McDonald's Executive Serves Up Healthy Fast Food

Lyfe Kitchen—a fast-casual restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif., that offers low-calorie, locally sourced, and sustainably grown food and wine—plans to open about 10 new restaurants next year in such cities as Chicago and New York. The expansion is not being led by the average health-food enthusiast. Lyfe Kitchen’s chief executive, Mike Roberts, is McDonald’s (MCD) former global president and chief operating officer. After a 30-year career at the world’s largest burger chain—where Roberts spearheaded the addition of new menu items that included salads, apple dippers, and fruit and yogurt parfait—came to an end in 2006, he gathered more than $15 million from more than 120 investors for the new venture. The first restaurant opened in 2011 with such menu items as salmon for $15 and quinoa wrap for $9 (as most of the food is locally sourced, the menu will have regional variations at other locations). The average time from ordering to getting your food: 8.5 minutes. Read More