Wendy's taps QR codes to boost daily sweepstakes campaign

Wendy’s is placing QR codes on its packaging to help drive awareness of the company's new sweepstakes promotion.

The QR codes are placed on cartons of french fries and are part of a national campaign to promote Heinz’s new dip and squeeze ketchup packets. Wendy’s has been using a variety of campaign-specific mobile bar codes recently to boost user engagement.

“The goal is to drive awareness of the new Heinz packets and to pair this with our natural cut, sea salt fries. Both are not your typical fast-food experience,” said Brandon Rhoten, director of digital marketing at Wendy’s, Dublin, OH

QR [codes] make sense when we have something specific that's mobile friendly – typically something very specific,” he said. “For example, we wouldn't use a QR to link to Wendys.com, but we would use it to link to a specific YouTube video or mobile Web site with a game on it.”

“We think QRs are often misused as a replacement for a URL. You need to have something of value on the other end. And we almost always include a short, easy URL as well, for those who don't to scan the QR.” Read More