Localization Will Be Key in 2013

You've probably already noticed it. If you haven't, perhaps you're living under a rock (...in which case, most people in your social networks would have already found your exact location, considering you probably have a smartphone which tracks that kind of data). With the emergence of Foursquare a couple years back, 'checking in' was for the social-savvy, but with location-based actions now integrated into almost every major social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what have you), the general public is now plugged in ever so seamlessly to such advancements. Checking in, whether on Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter or Facebook, has become a popular action on social.

These location-based actions, also known as LBAs, provide an endless amount of data for restaurants and other businesses that are in the socialsphere. Being aware of who's going to your restaurant(s), when they're checking in, and just the fact that they're actually taking real-life action and going to your restaurant in the first place, is extremely advantageous. Though consumer sentiment is extremely important, and we stress it all the time when it comes to measuring social impact, LBAs are a more direct measurement to the bottom line - ROI. LBAs are basically the cash-in of consumer sentiment. 

That being said, the RSMI has adopted (through VenueTrak) location-based actions (LBAs) as a new 4th element measurement when weighing RSMI scores. Whereas a brand's perfect score in the past could equal 300, it is now possible to receive a perfect score of 400. This new measurement element will be very influential and accurate in examining where the people are going. It adds a new dimension to the overall experience, and we only see this as being an extreme advantage to restaurant brands all across the charts.