Location Awareness: The Next Big Thing In The Customer Experience?

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Now that emerging technologies are making this possible, many successful marketers are collecting—and, more importantly, using—the data that can be gathered to more intelligently serve their customers (as well as gain important customer insights).

With a March-May survey by Nielsen showing 61 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers had a smartphone, and Pew Research measuring heightened location awareness among smartphone users, it’s clear these devices will continue to impact the buying experience for tech-savvy customers, and that no one knows where these trends will end up. Today, mobile devices are able to do much more than tell people where a business is located or help them look up brand reviews—for example, geolocation technologies identify the real-world geographic location of an object (like a smartphone) carried by a customer, making it possible for companies to know right when a customer is in a certain location. Read More