Chipotle Replaces Taco Bell as Top Social Brand


For the past two quarters, Taco Bell has held the Restaurant Social Media Index’s No. 1 spot on our Overall Top 250 list. The Live Mas brand unseated McDonald’s in Q1 2013. This quarter, however, several brands — including the No. 1 — have shifted. Chipotle took the top spot (up from No. 8 in Q2 2013) for the first time on the Overall Top 250.

How Brands Are Ranked

For those unfamiliar with the Restaurant Social Media Index, brands are tracked in three primary areas — influence, sentiment and engagement — throughout 17 social platforms. Each category is cross-referenced to a weighted scale and advanced Social Insights algorithm that provides a level playing field for all brands, big or small.

Aside from the Overall Top 250, the RSMI also tracks four other main components each quarter. For Top Mobile Brands, we filter mobile social transactions and look at how mobile interactions impact brand engagement. Top Social Sentiment focuses on consumer sentiment toward brands, and is based on our more than 134,ooo+ key industry terms revolving around food, service and overall brand. Location-Based Activity analyzes social ROI through density, frequency, return & refer, and sentiment from a location-based action. And finally, for Top Social Engagement, we analyze unsolicited engagement and peripheral engagement with extended conversations. Read More