Chipotle Steals Top Social Brand Spot from Taco Bell

After two reigning quarters as No.1 on the coveted Restaurant Social Media Index Top 250 list, Taco Bell has fallen. The brand has slipped off the minds of the more than 53 million restaurant consumers being tracked in association to social and digital engagement over the past quarter.


Brands shuffle in and out of the top spot each quarter – Taco Bell, Starbucks and McDonald’s are the only other brands to hold the numero uno spot in the RSMI. What makes this quarter so interesting is that the top social brand of Q3 – Chipotle – is a fraction of the size of the three previously mentioned. Though they are at the top of conversation currently on social media, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been a star performer with customers with their claim to transparency and Food with Integrity. This has been the mantra of this brand for a while, which has kept them in the Top 10 in many instances, but never at number one. The video campaign that launched a gauntlet challenge to the industry’s food supply began in August of 2011 with the infamous Willie Nelson and the Back to the Start video that launched a revolution of truth. This video now holds more than 8 million views, a small wonder compared to Miley Cyrus and Wrecking Ball, but a wonder nonetheless for a restaurant-based video. Read More