Building an Experience: Restaurants Leverage Social Tech Resources

Though technology adoption in restaurants is rather costly and a great risk to some, we’re definitely seeing more advancements within the industry. With more people eating out, streamlining things like the wait process has taken dining to the next level, and we don’t see it flat-lining anytime soon. Fast Casual restaurant Blazing Onion Burger Company, for example, has taken on iPad ordering kiosks, with each table equipped with a mobile device that allows customers to order whenever they want, add whatever they’d like to the order at any point in time (and not have to wait for a server to do so), and to pay whenever. This obviously allows for a better overall experience, as there’s no ‘going through the grapevine’ to place orders or wait for checks. Forbes delved into more restaurant technology early adopters in their write-up here.

Age of the Social Chef

It’s not just investing in physical tools for consumers' restaurant experiences to become heightened. Chefs are also plugging in - interacting with consumers and adding a behind-the-kitchen-door transparency for people to connect with. While restaurants offer more in-person technology experiences, chefs are becoming more plugged-in through social platforms. In the Age of the Social Chef, the overall restaurant experience is shifting outside of an establishment’s four walls and anonymous Web identity, and is more transparently connecting consumers to the people behind the plates. If you haven’t seen it yet, DigitalCoCo’s WebTV show Turn & Burn covered this trend in its 2013 Social Predictions episode, as well as feature it in The Social Chef episode, where we were able to pull Todd Erickson, Executive Chef of Haven Hospitality Concepts, out of the kitchen to discuss how his social platforms - like Twitter and Instagram - have directed more awareness to the overall Haven brand: