RSMI Top 5 Brands for Q4 2012

The Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) Q4 2012 data has recently been revealed, and we're here to give you the Top 5 brands. There's been a surprising shake-up in Q4 (the biggest shift we've seen in two years!), proving that the Index is heating up with more competition than ever before.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 3.17.13 PM.png

Coming in at No. 5 is Subway. The healthy brand has positioned itself well in the sporting and health & wellness industries, and has strengthened their messaging on Twitter and Facebook, two of the 16 social platforms we measure in the RSMI. Subway's consumer sentiment and engagement scores both rose in Q4, pulling them into the Top 10 from the No. 11 spot in Q3.

Buffalo Wild Wings moves up four spots to No. 4 -- not surprising, considering football season probably yielded more engagements on social, a big part of the brand, whose main audience is male.

Wendy's hangs on at No. 3 and is pretty consistent with its Top 10 status. Aside from maintaining a hefty consumer base, including internationally, the fast food brand has tremendous impact on Facebook and Twitter.

And now for the Top 2... (Drum roll, please.)

After sitting comfortably at No. 1 for the past two years, Starbucks falls to No. 2. The coffee king has one of the most loyal consumer bases, and consistently grew in service and point scoring in Q4. However, the No. 1 brand beat them out in comparison.

It was only a matter of time before the All-American McDonald's took over the No. 1 spot, proving that building a brand is all about creating community around itself. Both engagement and sentiment scores improved, rising almost 17 points in consumer sentiment over the past two quarters. McDonald's Twitter and Facebook growth also tripled the growth of Starbucks. These all contributed to McD's No. 1 reign.