5 New Platforms for Social-Savvy Brands

Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

There always seems to be some hot, new social network on the block, gaining popularity among consumers and media. With each, marketers ask how the platform will benefit their businesses — and whether they should even be on it at all?

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When brands create presences on new social platforms, what’s important isn’t registering an account, but rather, the innovative ways they choose to use the tools. Here are five new social platforms gaining traction with consumers. Learn how your brand can best leverage them.

1. Vine

Last month, Twitter launched new mobile app Vine, which allows users to record six-second clips of looped video. The app quickly became popular with consumers, rising to the top of the iTunes App Store, and brands didn’t hesitate to jump on board.

Urban Outfitters was the first brand to create a vine, a video of puppies. MSNBC revealed what goes down in its newsroom; a local coffee shop showed how to make a latte; and Wheat Thins used Vine to interact with fans during the Super Bowl.

Vine presents new opportunities for unique visual content and storytelling — the time constraints require marketers to expand their imaginations. Rather than investing in a longer form commercial or YouTube video, with Vine, your brand can easily humanize itself, by giving an insider’s look into the company, while providing value. Read More.