Pizza Hut To Hold 140-Second Interviews For Social Media Manager Position At SXSW


Like most national pizza chains, Pizza Hut has had its highs and lows in what has become an insanely competitive global pizza market.

The pizza chain is always working to bring greater relevance to its brand, whether through new product releases like the new Big Pizza Sliders, or to pique the interests of smart communicators steeped in social business to help them better articulate that relevance.

That’s why Pizza Hut will be at South By Southwest (SXSW) on Sunday March 10, welcoming any qualified candidates to interview for its currently vacant Social Media Manager of Greatness role (details at

So what? Why should you care? Here’s why, and it’s pretty cutting edge.

The interviews will last just 140 seconds as in the hyper speed, think-on-your-feet social media space, Pizza Hut wants applicants who can actually demonstrate their credentials — not only in real time but in the time it takes to snap and share a twit pic (unless you’re a congressman from New York). Read More.