Oreo Mobile Ads Drive Double the Interaction Rate Compared to Banners

An Oreo cookie marketing campaign delivered almost twice the user interaction with mobile ad units that focused on swiping, tapping and scrolling compared to standard mobile banner ads, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The in-market study shows how ad units that enable brand marketers to tell bigger, bolder stories on small mobile screens can drive better results. In addition to driving higher interaction rates, such ad units also produced higher brand and message recall for the Oreo campaign.

Photo Credit: Mobile Marketer

Photo Credit: Mobile Marketer

“Marketers must look beyond the standard mobile banner ad because it’s a non-optimized advertising experience that fails to deliver an innovative experience that has positive impact from a branding perspective,” said Cella Irvine, CEO at Vibrant Media, New York.

“Above all else, brand marketers must consider crafting campaigns that leverage ad experiences that deliver interactivity and creativity at scale,” she said. “That should be top-of-mind for any brand marketer when trying to engage a user in today’s multiscreen world. ”

The in-market study of the Oreo Cookie vs. Creme marketing campaign was conducted in partnership with Vibrant Media and comScore. READ MORE