Restaurant Chains Look to Enhance Brand Engagement and Loyalty Through Branded Mobile Apps

Restaurant brands continue to eye mobile apps to engage customers and attract their loyalty. Such programs also can lead to increased business by optimizing customers’ use of mobile devices.

At a technology education seminar at the 2013 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, consultants and a chain restaurant technologist promoted the idea of chains building proprietary, branded restaurant apps, rather than choosing a stock, third-party branded mobile solution.

In the weeks following the NRA Show, app-solution pitching on social media and mobile app advertisements are on the rise, as restaurateurs and restaurant technologists have dived deep into the decision-making process around building or commissioning a restaurant app.

A recent Tech Crunch article, citing Nielsen data, notes that the average smartphone user downloads an average of 41 apps.  These types of trends encourage  restaurateurs to focus on using apps for engagement, rather than simply building mobile-friendly websites.

Photo Credit: Chain Pulse Magazine

Photo Credit: Chain Pulse Magazine

Perse Faily, CEO of technology business-solutions provider EMN8, says one of the main reasons that clients are building their own mobile platforms is to deepen the engagement with customers. “It’s more about customer loyalty, customer behavior, and customer acquisition — driving repeat purchase, driving them to different dayparts and driving them to different items,” she says.

EMN8, backed by Allegis Capital and Sid R. Bass Associates, has worked with a number of quick-service chains, including Burger King Worldwide, to build their customer experience solutions. Faily says a mobile app shouldn’t just work on just one channel, but the same experience should work visually in multiple venues, including in-store with kiosks and also online, for example.   READ MORE