In A Data Driven World, Relationships are Key


“The art of good business is being a good middleman. Putting people together.” – Layer Cake, 2004 film

I’ve always loved that line because it’s about building relationships. A few weeks back I was at a high school entrepreneurship competition. The judges were VCs and at the end one of them said to the students and audience, “the most important thing in business is margins.” Now that is something I expect from a first year university professor, not an experienced VC. Margins can be optimized later, but never sleep on developing relationships.

Have a relationship with your customers, not your metrics

In the high growth start-up world, you are always chasing the next set of numbers that will make you look big in front of a VC. You raise a little bit of money, execute on some things, get some traction, raise more money, and do it again. You never take time to develop a long term relationship with anyone, because anything that takes time does not look good to a VC. This can hurt your business in the long run.   READ MORE