Vine is a Powerful Tool in Your Social Arsenal

Photo Credit: All Twitter

Photo Credit: All Twitter

When Vine was first announced in late January, the initial reaction was lukewarm and filled with uncertainty about what it would mean for marketers and brands as they attempted to weave to the videos into their social marketing mix.

But time has shown the tool can provide a good change of pace and be an effective engagement tactic for any brand.

One of the most compelling reasons that brands should pay attention to Vine is recent research has shown that branded Vines are shared four times more often than branded online videos. The key here is sharing – aside from some examples like K-mart’s hilarious commercials that have gotten a lot of attention lately, fans may be reluctant to share full-length videos – they don’t want to look like shills to their friends, colleagues, or families.

Vine, on the other hand, is likely less disruptive to fan’s Tweeting habits, with the short videos capturing the same amount of attention as a 140 character tweet. They load quickly, and get to the point right away – a perfectly digestible nugget of content. The sharing also goes both ways, and Vine makes it easy for fans to share videos with brands as well.   READ MORE