Mobile Website Versus Mobile App: Which Should You Use?

Photo Credit: Heidi Cohen

Photo Credit: Heidi Cohen

Marketers often ask: “Should I create a mobile website OR a mobile app?” The reality  is you should provide prospects and searchers with information in the form they want to consume it in.

Therefore, mobilize your content marketing. Offer a mobile website (or at least use responsive design), mobile app, social media presence (already optimized for mobile use) and mobile search.

Until recently, the mobile website versus mobile app question didn’t provide a clear answer because:

  1. Mobile website and app use were relatively similar.
  2. Mobile apps just provided another entry to your website.

But applications have evolved in two critical ways:

  1. Mobile apps now leverage the power of native mobile functionality such as swipes.
  2. Mobile apps tend to be optimized for data use. This is important in light of increased data plan costs.   READ MORE