Local Search App AroundMe Trumps Yelp’s Mobile Apps

Wow, AroundMe has really been flying under the radar. The location-aware mobile search app is announcing today that it’s now passed the 6 million mark for monthly unique visitors. To put that in perspective, Yelp’s mobile apps see 5.7 million+ monthly uniques these days. Not bad, then, considering AroundMe has a single founder, a team of four, and no outside funding.

The company is also now reporting having surpassed 1 million downloads per month, and has recently announced new partnerships with OpenTableBooking.com for hotel reservations, and Telenav for web-based navigation.

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

For those unfamiliar with AroundMe’s app, well, check your phone. You probably downloaded it at some point. I know I did. Heck, I even launch the thing occasionally, when I’m looking for a nearby gas station, Starbucks, or restaurant and have gotten frustrated with using Apple’s built-in maps app to find something nearby.

Currently available on both iOS and Android (and Windows Phone soon), the app reaches most of the world, but its user base is still largely American. About 60% of users come from the U.S., 35% from European markets, and Japan is seeing some growth, too.

The app reminds me of an independent version of Google’s Places app, which offers listings in many of the same categories: restaurants, ATMs, bars, hotels, etc. Except in Google’s case, the listings point to the Google Place pages, of course. Also, notes founder Marco Pifferi with a laugh, “actually, we started first.”   READ MORE