How Restaurant Social Media Will Evolve in 2014


This year is going to be all about taking content to the next level—the key word here is value. A great picture of a beautiful food dish is still going to be compelling, but it’s going to be more important than ever to provide your social media audience with engaging content that invites interaction. Mobile is also going to reach the tipping point as this year will see tablet and cell phone visitors to your restaurant’s website go over the 50 percent mark. Video will be playing an even larger role in the escalating arms race to get your posts noticed, and it’s definitely be time to stake your claim on Google. Here’s the skinny:

Value added. As stated above, it’s more important than ever to post content that doesn’t just say “Eat Here Now.” Engage your customer base with questions about how they like specific dishes, interesting info about menu items or how-to’s from the chef. Your beverage program can also offer great content possibilities with cocktail recipes and wine notes. If all else fails, just check the date—with a little help from Google you can always find something provocative that happened on a specific date and relate it to your restaurant. In other words, post things that you would want to share with a friend. Read More