McDonald's Social Media Campaign to Connect Athletes and Fans in Sochi

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For anyone who's ever been inspired by an Olympic athlete, now's the chance to return the favor.

Fans can wish their favorite athletes good luck at the Sochi Olympics through McDonald's "#Cheers to Sochi" campaign, which will kick off Thursday. The messages, sent via Twitter or posted on the campaign's website, will be displayed at the athletes village in Sochi, and athletes will be able to print out their favorites on ribbons that can be worn throughout the Games.

"In the previous Olympics I've attended, there was never a way for the fans that follow the Winter Olympics to really stay in touch or follow the participants. We're so drawn apart," said Shani Davis, a two-time gold medalist in speedskating who is helping promote #Cheers to Sochi.

"To be able to tap into a multibillion-fan following, I think it's going to be amazing." Read More